domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

notas de viaje

dublin morning rescues me for a few
hours at christmas' eve
Oh it’s late tonight, it’s late
enough to see
sunset’s posting.
It’s late enough to the garlands
at the mere beginning.
I'll stay a bit later against
the cunning doll
who cleans the drawings from the walls.
Oh it’s late tonight, too dawn late.
Shy Dublin stunning down its hood
affords my solitude
even when I’m full of sleepers.
Against the cunning doll waits
the great beginning.
We shall never know the end
----of this story, never
-------the less doubt
it’s a great time of the year
-----not to dream about
the dream we’ve got to look for
tomorrow after youth)
Oh it’s late, so late it is
that I’ll stay
enough to be sooner.
F.D., Dublin morning
Dublin, August 2008-